S4 E4 Wes Henley “There Can Be Only One Highlander”

July 19, 2018

On this Back Porch episode, we talk with our friend Wes Henley, owner/operator of Highland House Studios/Productions in Jackson, TN.  Wes isn't just your average local musician, ability wise nor resume wise.  He gives us an interesting back story as to the precise moment he knew he wanted to be a musician and how that moment would foreshadow his own career.  We play tracks on which he was the featured guitarist from atrists he either mixed or recorded at Highland House such as; Tamala Vaughn, Jimmy Taylor and Little Boys Blue, Joe Downing, Avonlea, Mickey Utley, and Steve Hopper.  Wes had so many interesting stories, we may have to release another episode of just interview.  Until then, get to know Wes Henley and his work.  Unexpected guest at 41:28.

S4 E3 Patrick O’Connor “Taking the Route Less Traveled”

July 6, 2018

On this 3rd episode of season 4, we welcome singer/songwriter Patrick O’Connor from Jackson, TN. Patrick recently released his first EP “Why Won’t You Speak”. Patrick talks about the makings of the EP among other topics....aliens, dreams, what songs he can’t play live due to graphic content. This episode is rated a little bit not PG-13. Just kidding. He plays some of his new material as well as a track from the EP. Take a little time to listen and get to know Patrick and his music.  Enjoy!

S4 E2 Forked Deer Homeschool Parade “Where the Rivers Meet”

June 18, 2018

On this 2nd episode of season 4, Josh and Steve talk with Ben Gilbreath and Nathan Megelsh about why they thought this band thing was a good idea.  They play us 4 of their original works and give not so subtle clues about their future endeavors.  They've released an EP "Rain" and a single "Thinking" within the last year.  See if you can find them on iTunes, Spotify and the such.  Go give these guys a listen and tell your friends the story of how you found this new band, via us.  Also, Josh and Steve discover active listening.  Enjoy!

S4 E1 Tennessee Music Awards w/ Nathan Hunnicutt “All Together Now”

May 18, 2018

We kick of season 4 talking to Nathan Hunnicutt.  Creator of the Tennessee Music Awards which is in its second year.  He tells us how he got started in the business and why he brought the awards show to Jackson.  Nominations are currently in progress and will end on May 31st.  Go nominate your favorite Tennessee groups and artist now at http://TennesseeMusicAwards.org.  The awards show is scheduled as of now for October 8th.  Share. Download.  Listen.  Nominate.  Vote.  Attend.  Thanks in advance.  Enjoy!

S3 Ep 3 The Kernal “Sing Me Back Home”

October 28, 2017

In this 3rd episode of season 3 the Back Porch brings you The Kernal.  We sit down with Joe Garner, the man behind the red suit, to discuss his inspirations, his goings on and his latest release "Light Country".  If you haven't heard of him and you are the type of country music fan I am, older country, you'll want to give this episode a good listen.  While it is country music at it's core, his sound shows influences of americana, rock and gospel.  Give your ears a break from all that's heavy and take a small dose of "Light Country" via The Kernal.

S 3 Ep 2 Jackie Austin “Another Stop Along the Way”

August 8, 2017

For Episode 2 of Season 3 the BackPorch brings you singer/songwriter Jackie Austin.  Jackie, a BackPorch vet, has been on the podcast a couple of times already with other projects Hart's Bridge, Season 2_Episode 16 and Auburn Sky, Season 1_Episode 20.  He keeps busy to say the least.  He just released his first solo EP, Reasons recorded here at Northstar Studios.  We talk to him about the process and he plays a few tracks from the EP.  Tune in and get to know this amazing young songwriter from Jackson, TN.  

S3 Ep1 Farewell Mourning “When the Soul Reaches the Spirit”

March 31, 2017

Christina Warren and Jesse Joyner known as Farewell Mourning join the Back Porch to kick of the 3rd season with some beautiful Americana and talk to us about their coming together and things to come.  This duo will put chills down your spine with harmony. Enjoy!  

S2 Ep 19 North Star Studios “Magic in the Making”

April 22, 2016

North Star Studios is a great recording studio located in Jackson, Tennessee. It is where The BackPorch with Jason and Amy now calls home. Josh and Steven Stewart tells us the story on how two brothers ended up with a recording studio. They play us a few songs that has been recorded with them. These two brothers has some great stories to tell and they talk about the services North Star offers. This is a great way to end Season 2!

S2 Ep 18 Drown “Down by the River”

March 25, 2016

Join us as we talk to the Memphis, Tn based band named Drown. If you like,Pearl Jam or Seether style music then you will love Drown. Listen as they discuss how they got their name, how they met and what influences them. They play 5 original songs for us and tell us some stories about the songs. Recorded at Northstar Studios Jackson, Tn.

S2 Ep 17 Ryan Hinkle “California Country”

March 11, 2016

Join us as we talk to Ryan Hinkle, Ryan is currently living in California and has a new single out on county radio. Listen as we talk to Ryan about where he came from, past jobs and where he is heading. Ryan tells us about his new single "Colder Than a Bad Girls Heart" and how he opened up for Charlie Daniels. Please call your local country radio station and request Ryan's new single and help him move up the charts even more. Ryan Hinkle Music ©2016.