Episode 4. Brandon Barnett and The Adventure of Shoscombe Old Place

February 28, 2015

In Episode 4, we feature Brandon Barnett. You may be hearing more of him soon being that his song "Your Everloving Arms" is going to be played at over 500,000 college campuses as well as hotels. Listen as Brandon talks about the struggles of being a songwriter and some of the success he has had as well in His life. Also during this episode you will hear a song he co-wrote with Jonathon Singleton, a well known songwriter in Nashville, and we had the opportunity to play the song here before anybody else. 

Episode 3 Josh Smith and The Adventure of the Veiled Lodger….

February 13, 2015

Join us as we talk to the great Josh Smith on The BackPorch. Listen as we discuss with Josh about the "new sound" of country music verses the "old style of country music. Also in this episode, you will hear recordings from Josh as well as live recordings. If you are ever in the Jackson, Tn area, you may catch Josh at The Downtown Tavern. Please support your local musicians, they have more talent than you think. You can buy music from Josh's band  "Rev. Jessie & The Holy Smokes" on iTunes. 

Episode 2. Michael King and A Scandal in Bohemia….

February 6, 2015

In episode 2, listen to Michael King as he talks about his music and plays us some of his great songs. We also have a special guest, Michael's lead guitar and soon to be toy piano player River King... You will have to listen to understand. You can contact Michael on Facebook, for booking information and to find out where to get his music. You can email Michael at kingmichael53@gmail.com

Episode 1. Bryan Moffitt and the Hounds of Baskerville…….

February 3, 2015

Bryan Moffitt comes into the Studio and plays his music for us on the Backporch. Learn about Bryan's music and where you can purchase his music. The Backporch theme song was provided and played by Brian Moffitt. You can find Bryan on Facebook, Twitter and of course www.reverbnation/bryanmoffitt.com Go and support this very talented artist! You can now purchase Bryan's album "Black Bottom Road" on iTunes as well as other sites.